We’re starting to have some regular events again. Stay tuned to our website and Facebook page for details!

Over The Edge and Sky Race Event

Rappel down OR climb up the side of a 17 story building in exchange for donations to Train to Inspire. 100% of your donations will be used to push people with disabilities to overcome their own challenges, whether that be life’s obstacles or obstacles we place in front of them.

There will be a Sky Race, which includes a $500 CASH PRIZE for the fastest climbing times for both the women’s and men’s divisions!

Train to Inspire

We believe people with disabilities should be given the same opportunities and life experiences others have access to.

For individuals with disablilites, we offer:

  • Free group fitness
  • Free personal training
  • Free monthly events

We’d love to have you join us as a particpant or volunteer!

Train to Inspire: Making the seemingly impossible a reality

Our Mission

At Train to Inspire, our mission is to make the seemingly impossible a reality for people with disabilities.

We believe people with disabilities should be given the same opportunities and life experiences others have access to.

Our Story

Train to Inspire was founded by Joe Hogan who has a vision of making the seemingly impossible a reality for people living with disabilities. We focus mostly on physical activities and creating a positive community for our participants. Whether it’s rock climbing, Tae Kwon Do, nerf gun battles, biking, or our premier annual accessible obstacle course, we make sure everyone has a chance to participate and do things many of them have never done before.

We offer free personal training and group fitness for individuals with disabilities. We also have several free monthly events–check them out above!

If you are interested in learning more about Train to Inspire, our events, or want to volunteer, email Joe.

Train to Inspire founder Joe Hogan, volunteer Tracy Keninger, and participant Dave Mathis

Train to Inspire founder Joe Hogan with volunteer Tracy Keninger and first  participant Dave Mathis

What our participants say

“Train to Inspire is a fantastic group that helps people with all abilities be involved in the community and do fun things as well as incorporate exercises.” – Whitney

“It is fun to do with your family.” – Korbin

“Thank you for all you have done for Train to Inspire. It has changed my life. Just keep doing what you’re doing and do me a favor keep continuing to change people’s lives. You’re disability is you’re ability. You’re good at what you do. May God bless you.” – Jeremy

“Thanks for your time Tracy Keninger and Joe Hogan and all the volunteers for Train to Inspire.” – Josh

“Thank you Train to Inspire for helping me grow & succeed throughout my life!!” – Aurora