Train to Inspire Over The Edge Fundraiser

Saturday, August 6, 2022

Elsie Mason Manor
430 Grand Avenue, Des Moines, IA

12 p.m. – 8 p.m.

We’re gearing up for our second Train to Inspire Over the Edge Fundraiser, where you can rappel down OR climb up a 17 story building in exchange for donations to Train to Inspire! Through your support, we’ll be able to continue positively impacting the lives of people with disabilities!

Read more about our Over the Edge event below! 

Woman rappelling down 18 stories at Train to Inspire's Over the Edge Fundraiser


Going Over The Edge for Train to Inspire

When you support Train to Inspire and go over the edge, you make a lasting impression on the lives of people with disabilities. Even if it seems impossible for a participant to do something, we aren’t afraid to push the envelope to make it happen safely. Our events are always free for individuals with disabilities, and we want to keep it that way. By going over the edge, you help us ensure we have enough funds to continue changing lives and never have to turn away people with disabilities from our events.

Rappel down OR climb up the side of a 17 story building in exchange for donations to Train to Inspire. 100% of your donations will be used to push people with disabilities to overcome their own challenges, whether that be life’s obstacles or obstacles we place in front of them.

There will be a Sky Race with a $500 CASH PRIZE for the fastest climbing times for both the women’s and men’s divisions.

Be sure to read the Sky Race information if you’re interested in it, to find out if you have what it takes to climb up the building!

How do I participate?

    1. Register and pay the $75 registration fee (goes towards your fundraising goal!).

      If you don’t see a popup to pay the registration fee, please turn off your popups for the FundRazr site OR simply donate $75 to your own campaign.

    2. Easily setup your personal fundraising page.
    3. Fundraise $750 by sharing your personal fundraising page with everyone you know.
      (Check out these fundraising tips)
    4. Show up and enjoy this experience of a lifetime.

Train to Inspire Success Stories


“Chelsea has been involved with Train to Inspire for almost six years now. During this time she has been actively involved in all three of their monthly events. These events provide many benefits, including physical activities as well as social skills activities that are beneficial to everyone—participants and volunteers alike! Chelsea has made many lifelong friends over the years who have become like family. She has become very dedicated to one of their activities, Tae Kwon Do, where she has earned her yellow striped belt! This organization has greatly impacted her life in more ways than you can even imagine!”

– Angie Sloan, Chelsea’s mom and Train to Inspire volunteer


“When Sarah first came to Train to Inspire, she had never ridden a bike. No hand cycles, nothing. Her first time trying a three wheeled hand cycle, she needed us to transfer her from her wheelchair onto the bike seat and when she was done, she needed us to transfer her back to her chair. She couldn’t peddle up low grade inclines and needed to be pushed up most hills. One thing I hadn’t realized before her first-time biking was she didn’t know when to shift up and down or understand how shifting would help her as she was riding. It was a completely new concept to her. As someone who has taken bike riding for granted, that honestly was a surprise to me. So, she not only had to learn to ride her first bike, she also had to learn to shift gears.

Fast forward 18 months—Sarah is transferring in and out of her chair to the bike on her own with no assistance. She only needs a partner to strap her feet onto the footrests. Sarah has learned the basic concepts of shifting gears and has become strong enough to make it up hills on her own. She has learned to stop at crosswalks and cross on her own. Before we knew it, she was riding two miles at a time, three times a week. Because of this, she was able to lose weight and increase her mobility. Now during the summer, she’ll often go on bike rides with friends. Not only has she learned to ride a bike independently, her overall life has been improved by the mobility and strength she has gained.”

– Joe Hogan, Train to Inspire Founder

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Wondering what it’s like to rappel down a tall building? Check out this video from other Over The Edge events to find out! 

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Resources for Participants


Resgister for Over The Edge on our fundrasing websit. Setup your own fundrasing page and share it with everyone you know! See our resouces page for fundraising tips.

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Participant Resources

Check out our Over The Edge Participant Information page for fundraising tips, event FAQs, and additional helpful information. 

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About Train to Inspire

Our mission is to make the seemingly impossible a reality for people with disabilities. We believe people with disabilities should be given the same opportunities and life experiences others have access to. 

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100% of your donations will be used to push these athletes to overcome their own challenges, whether that be life’s obstacles or obstacles we place in front of them. 

Joe Hogan, Train to Inspire Founder 


Register to go Over The Edge!

When you participate in our Train to Inspire Over The Edge fundraiser, you’ll have to overcome fear, anxiety, and self doubt. This is exactly how our special needs athletes feel when we push them to do things they once thought would be impossible. Not only will you get the thrilling experience of going over the edge, countless lives will be changed by you doing so—including your own. 

Now is the time for you to go Over The Edge.